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About Al-Tabeeb Platform

Doctor platform for medical services

Tabib platform for multi-purpose integrated medical services, to provide you with health care services, the largest medical gathering in Turkey, that cares for you personally, through the following channels:

• Providing technological services to the medical sector.

• Providing all segments of society with high-quality medical services.

• Providing the virtual communication between the patient and the doctor, through a dedicated application for smart devices, which is the Doctor's application.

• Communicate with the public, through the toll-free call center, to coordinate appointment-booking processes, and to respond to inquiries about the medical competencies available in Turkey.

• We offer our medical products with exclusive offers for you, and provide the best prices to the Arab public in Turkey.

• In addition to special services for VIPs and businessmen, who wish to receive medical care in particular, in the appropriate place and time.

• At the same time, it is a safe reference for medical tourism clients, as all the doctors participating in the platform, and the health care providers contracting with the platform, work in a systemic manner, in real medical institutions, operating in accordance with the Turkish health law.

The Tabeeb platform belongs to the MG Investments and Consultations Group in Turkey, while Padtec manages its technical requirements, including the development and programming of the website on the Internet and the smart applications of the platform, and Padtek is a sister company affiliated with the same group, in order to ensure that all the data in our possession is preserved. In complete privacy.

Doctor application

• An electronic service provider that connects the patient with his appropriate doctor, using multiple communication technologies.

• Provides initial medical consultations through a virtual meeting, using video or audio, or by written conversation (text chat) with doctors.

• The Doctor application works in a super-private environment, and allows access to distinguished medical expertise in Turkey easily and reliably.

• Our application guarantees access to legally licensed doctors in Turkey.

• Shorten the time to reach the best qualified and reliable expertise, without the need to wait for your turn in the clinics of excellent doctors; Use the doctor's website and app.

• You can now harness technology to make the best use of your time, without the need to leave the workplace, or leave the home for a preliminary medical consultation.

• For the first time in Turkey, it is now possible to obtain initial medical consultations remotely (online), through the doctor’s website and application, in accordance with the infection prevention measures that may be prevalent in traditional health care settings.

Free call center services

Call center consultations are a free service, through which you can ask your inquiries about the available options, or the required treatment, or book an appointment with a specific doctor. Our certified consultants will advise you of the best medical options available in your geographical area, based on the evaluations registered on the Doctor's platform.

VIP and business services

A luxurious option to provide medical care in a more comfortable manner, commensurate with your many obligations, and guarantees a high level of luxury and privacy .. as we make sure that medical services can be provided to you with high quality, in line with the aspirations of each client in terms of where the service is provided in the home or office, or Accompanying him by a medical specialist and translator, or even laboratory services to take blood and tests at your residence or work, for example, but not limited to.

Specials on the Doctor platform

Exclusive products for the platform's customers, which provide special prices for customers, and packages suitable for seasons and special occasions. Thanks to our agreements signed with various healthcare providers in Turkey, the platform is able to add unprecedented real value to each service, through these special offers.

Doctor's platform .. because we care more about your care ..

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